Know, Grow, Go, Show

Growth Track 1440x810

Looking for a to take your body deeper? Consider this! This was developed as a four week student ministry study. It contains all the info needed to take a person through the following steps:

  1. Know
    • Salvation
    • Following Christ
    • Baptism
  2. Grow
    • Worship, Prayer, Understanding, and Community
    • Relationship -vs- Rule Keeping
    • Producing fruit
  3. GO
    • Our call to reach others
    • The Great Commision
  4. Show
    • Leading others
    • Disciples making disciples
    • Leading like Jesus

This series contains notes, PowerPoint and Photoshop files for each week as well as a one week overview teaching. In addition it contains YouVersion event files and a custom Bible plan. The Bible plan can be found here.

For more information on this series, contact us.

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