God, I Need You and Trust You


Today is a big day for my family.  Not only is it a big day, it’s a day filled with all kinds of emotion:  sadness, excitement, dread, fear, anticipation…  You see, my sister, and her family are moving from Alabama to Oklahoma.  Some of you might think that is not really a big deal, but to us, it’s a very big deal.  Our family has always been super close.  We spend a great deal of time together.  We have been in ministry together for years.  We live in close proximity to each other.  We have worked secular jobs together.  There has been a lot of togetherness.  So, you see how this move would have an effect on us.

During my drive to work in the mornings, I usually have some prayer time with God.  Today, in particular, was a tough day to pray but I knew I needed to.  I know that God wants us to bring our prayers and petitions to Him.  I know that, even though He knows what we need before we ask for it, He still desires to hear us ask Him.  I know that God cares about every detail of my life.  He cares about it all, the big things as well as every little thing.  So, I prayed the only prayer I could at the moment:

God, I need You

God, I need You today

God, I need You tomorrow

God, I need You the day after that

God, I need You every day

God I need You

Now, I must trust Him.  I must trust that His ways are higher than mine.  I must trust that “Daddy knows best.”  I must trust Him to strengthen and comfort me and my family during this time. I must trust Him that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  I must trust in Him to take care of my family.  I must trust Him that the best is yet to come.  I must trust Him.  That trust will be an everyday journey.  I will have to choose over and over to trust, each and every day.

 Psalm 28:6-7

 “Praise be to the Lord, for He has heard my cry for mercy.

The Lord is my strength and my shield;

My heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.

My heart leaps for joy,

And with my song I praise Him.”

On a final note, here’s the song that ministered to me today, “Lord I Need You” by Matt Maher.

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