Lessons from Kings

Lessons from Kings 1440

Have you ever read portions of the Old Testament and thought “Man that was a great story, but how do I apply it life?” Lesson from Kings takes a look at the stories and lives of several Kings and points out key lessons that we can apply to everyday life. Here is the layout:

  1. King Saul – Impatience Derails Destiny
  2. King David – Location, Lies, and Letting Go
  3. King Solomon – Twisted Giftings
  4. King Josiah – Lineage Doesn’t Equal Legacy
  5. King Jesus – Love Hurts and Wins

This series contains notes, PowerPoint and Photoshop files for each of the first four weeks. In addition it contains YouVersion event files and a custom Bible plan. The Bible plan can be found here.

For more information on this series, contact us.

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