The Wonder


Recently, while worshipping at church a young girl about the age of 10 caught my eye at the altar. The Holy Spirit prompted me to go pray with her. When I knelt down beside her, the presence of God was so very strong. Her innocence in seeking God was inspiring, yet challenging to my heart. I laid my hand on her and prayed over her life, however, this trip to the altar was probably more for me than her. It was in that moment the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of childlike faith. Scripture tells us in Matthew 18 that unless we change and become like little children, we will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

The night of worship continued, and as I was singing the words projected on the screen, the Holy Spirit emphasized the word “wonder” in one of the songs we sang. It just seemed to jump right off the screen at me. Clearly, God was trying to tell me something, and I was doing my best to “tune in” to His voice and not miss a thing. At the end of the night, I resolved to do some follow-up on the word wonder.

The next morning I was praying in my vehicle on the way to work, and the Holy Spirit spoke an entire sentence to my heart:

“Return to me with childlike faith so I can restore your wonder”

Okay, God had my attention at this point for sure. I didn’t want to take His words for granted. I knew there needed to be some type of response. It might involve words but definitely action on my part.

I began pondering what it meant to come to Father God as a child. I tried to think of a toddler with a parent. Here were some of my thoughts:

  • Run with outstretched arms to Him for Him to pick me up in His arms
  • Ask lots of questions to learn His heart and His ways
  • Completely depend on Him to meet my needs (food, shelter, clothing, etc)
  • Trust and obey His commandments
  • Be open and honest about my doubts, fears, and sin
  • Throw my arms around Him for a big hug and tell Him that I love Him

Since then, I have attempted to put these actions into motion in my life. Sometimes during prayer, I have closed my eyes and imagined myself running to my Father. I’m have acknowledged my dependence on Him and trust in Him every chance I get. I have whispered and shouted my love for Him. I don’t seek the wonder, but I have sought and am seeking Him. states that wonder is “to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel.”

Oh to be filled with admiration toward God!

To be amazed at the works of God!

To stand in awe of a glorious God!

To marvel at God!

To experience the wonder like never before!

I’m excited to be on this journey toward restored wonder. I haven’t imagined what God will do in my heart and life, but I’m confident it will be immeasurably more with Him.

Hopefully, you’ll join in the adventure…

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