Steward the Moments


A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a friend at work who was feeling overwhelmed with balancing life. She and her husband are dealing with ailing parents and the tough reality that it presents. It’s a situation that tears at one’s heart. In the middle of our conversation, the Holy Spirit just dropped some unexpected wisdom as only He can: “Steward the moments.”

Since then, she and I have had a couple more conversations, and I mentioned that I was considering blogging about those words that resonated loudly to us both that day. In fact, she encouraged me to do just that.

Generally, in the church, we talk about being a good steward of our finances, however, I believe God wants us to be a good steward in other areas of life as well. This includes managing the life moments and/or opportunities we are given to impact someone’s life. My Mom taught me that God has special assignments for each of us daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. It’s our job to stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice and guidance in order to become aware of what those assignments are.

To go along with this, here’s a good analogy that my brother-in-law once shared with me regarding radio broadcasting. He said that the Holy Spirit was like radio waves, which are always being broadcasted. In order to receive those waves, we must use our antennas to tune into Him. Once we tune into Him, we can hear what He’s saying. Becoming aware of what the Holy Spirit is saying allows us to be in a place to respond to the opportunities that He presents to us.

These opportunities could be a chance to pray for a sick co-worker or to simply be kind to the young person at the grocery checkout. Or may it’s to share an encouraging word to someone who is having a really rotten day. Then again, some friends may have an emergency and need a baby-sitter for their children and God asks you to volunteer for it. The point being, who knows what God may ask of you! He just wants us to be aware and then obedient because we are His representative to others.

James 4:14 says, “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

Life is precious. One of life’s greatest lessons came from my earthly father during my teenage years. He said, “God loves people more than anything.” He loved them so much that He’d die for them. In turn, God expects us to be like Him and demonstrate love to others through the assignments He gives us. You and I are His hands and feet.

We must look after the life we’ve been given. And, life is comprised of a lot of moments. What if we woke up every morning and asked God to help us become more aware of Him? It’s up to each of us to make the most of the opportunities that God brings along our way. He’s looking for us to be good stewards of those moments. Let’s choose to live with no regrets, to demonstrate love to those in our paths, and to make the most of the God-opportunities we’re given.



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